Diemtigen holiday flat with sauna and hammam


Holidays at Chalet Park


Wellness for body, senses and soul

The house is situated in the front Diemtigtal in a very sunny and panoramic location, just outside the village of Diemtigen.
The house in the park was newly built in 2013. Planned, designed, built and fully furnished and equipped by the company Arttesa in Bern.
Two independent flats are integrated into the house. The flat has very spacious rooms with lots of light, wonderful views of the valley and the Wakker Prize-winning village of Diemtigen. One flat is rented out as a holiday flat.
The chosen construction of the house is on the one hand very modern, on the other hand traditional and realised with ecological and natural building materials. The surrounding walls are made of modern aerated concrete, enriched with recycled glass as a diffusion-open outer skin, with exceptional overall insulation values. The upper two storeys are constructed entirely from Swiss timber. The interior plasters are made of breathable lime plaster and lime putty. The floors are made of natural stone and naturally oiled parquet. LED technology was used for the lighting. Heating is provided by an air heat pump, which operates the underfloor heating. The electricity is generated on the roof with the fully installed photovoltaic system and fed into the grid.